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Nerdy, Dirty & Flirty Review of Rulers of Darkness Box Set 1

Thank you to Kate from Nerdy, Dirty & Flirty for reviewing the Rulers of Darkness Box Set 
(Books 1-3)

4.5 Stars
 Caressed by Moonlight

Victoria and Dorian don't have your normal love affair. They are kind of thrown at each other, but by different fates.
Victoria and her little sister just lost everything they have and have to go and live with their nasty aunt. This aunt then tells Victoria she has one month to find a husband or she will never see her sister again. Really who does that to family?
Dorian is in London to get the witches away from his clan. As far as he knows it is working. He's been there for quite awhile and seems to have gotten a lady's man reputation. One that Victoria has already been warned about.
He feels a pull he just can't explain or ignore, he has to have her. And have her he will.
After being caught kissing Dorian by her aunt, Victoria is kicked out of the house and with no where else to go she turns to Dorian. Their story continues with their fantastic chemistry, their stories, secrets and anything they are willing to share with each other.
Seems as though Dorian has found his mate in Victoria, but will she accept her now life or will she run?
I really loved this book and couldn't put it down.

Caressed by Night

If you enjoyed the first book like I did, I'm pretty sure you liked this one too.
Dimitri and Kerstyn have a chemistry that they can't fight for too long.
Dimitri, believed to have been dead for 400 years, decides to join society once again, in Las Vegas. Here because this is where the Shaw told him his mate was. Being one of the four original vampires makes him very powerful. He had run into the same situation as Dorian did, in that someone wanted to be king and would do anything to get there. Little did these men know that that isn't how it worked. He chose to let Ven believe he was dead, now he is back to claim his thrown. As you probably figured out by the first book, in order for the rightful kind to claim the throne, they had to find their mates. So far, Dorian has and now it is Dimtri's turn. Just getting Kerstyn on board might be a challenge. Only because Dimitri can see glimpses of the future and what he sees he can't stop.
Kerstyn is 26, living with her best friend and living her life. Only she feels something is missing, but doesn't know exactly what that is. Until her something missing saves her from being jumped in an alley. Not only does this happen, but her roommate/best friend kicks her out when she gets home. Sylvie (a shaw witch) is there to help and brings her to a friends that is looking for a roommate. And of all people that open the door, Dimitri. How Kerstyn's luck is changing yeah?
you really can't go into too much detail with these without giving too much away.
I can say I loved it, loved how the stories from book one and this one kept going and giving you pieces of what is to come. I will also say that with any story the characters have their secrets. I mean Kerstyn has to come to terms she is falling in love with a vampire of all things, and he is way older than her, and he is very very powerful.

Caressed by a Crimson Moon

Hadrian and Eva have a little more of a complicated story. They have to overcome their own fears of feeling like they are not good enough for anyone. Both very broken souls have to join together for the sake of the future.

Again, if you read the first two books I think it is safe to say that Sylvie has had a lot to do with what is going on with the vampire clans. Getting them their kings back, working on ways to get rid of the Red Order, and trying to find peace between the witches and the vampires.
This book sheds a little more light onto who Sylvie really is and what role she has to play, whether she wants it or not. You also get to know Falcon, Hadrian's right hand man, a little better. His loyalty might just drive him crazy. He is the first one to figure out that there is something more between Eva and Hadrian, but is reluctant to let it play out.
Only because Hadrian had isolated himself for over 300 years and has a very dark side to himself. He was not turned normally, he actually consumed the soul of his maker and has a constant reminder of the horrible person he was. This is one of the things Eva seems to calm in him. Whenever she is around he gets some quiet.
Eva is a rare shifter, one who doesn't actually know what her other half is. She was always told it was human, but not so much. When her mother died she was taken by her father's pack and made to live like a servant for 10 years. She is given to Hadrian as part of a contract. Never did she think she could actually have feelings for someone like that. She heard the stories and wanted nothing to do with him. Until he gets close, then her body betrays her.
Again, can't give too much detail, but as I said theirs is a more complicated story. They both need to overcome their own insecurities and learn to trust each other.
Hadrian and Eva both know there is something more, but neither wants to admit it. When Eva goes through her transition they both have a lot to accept whether they want to or not. They both think that going their own ways will be better, but will it?
You know after reading this book that there is much more to this story to come and I can't wait. 
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