Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Teaser Tuesday - The Darkest Light (Eternal Kiss, #1)


It has been ages since I posted a teaser. I'd like you all to meet Evyn Monroe. His book/world is one of the three projects I am juggling. If all goes as planned (fingers crossed), The Darkest Light (Eternal Kiss, #1) will release Summer 2023. 

Yes, I am working on Caressed by Dawn (Rulers of Darkness, #6) and Fade to Night (Under Realm Assassins, #4), but Evyn is demanding writing time.

~ Only hours ago, he ended three vampires, three males he’d once considered brothers in arms, and he felt…nothing. Well, he felt sticky, but he felt no remorse, no sense of victory. Shouldn’t he at least feel some sort of satisfaction knowing he’d done his duty? He’d eliminated a threat to his charge.

Should he be disgusted or horrified by his actions? Should he be ashamed or proud? He wondered how his human self would’ve received this reflection, but nothing came. He was death. He was a monster. A demon feared by other demons. He was Evyn the Heartless.~


 An immortal warrior renowned for his savagery and the woman he covets for his own…

Scarred, powerful, and merciless, Evyn lives only for violence and vengeance. Determined to destroy the one responsible for his imprisonment, there is nothing he won’t do to accomplish his mission…until he meets a vulnerable, turquoise-eyed beauty.

Adelise stokes the flames of his dark desires and awakens a hunger within him he has never known. But the tempting mortal possesses a dangerous secret—the key to Evyn’s victory.

Torn, he must choose between a century-old blood-vendetta and the woman who has become his obsession. Will he return to the brutality of his past and sacrifice Adelise to have his revenge or will he risk everything to claim the woman he craves body and soul?


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