Thursday, December 27, 2012

That's What I'm Talking About...Guest Post

Hello Everyone!
I hope you all had a lovely holiday and welcome back to the world f books! I can't wait to buy more books with my new Barnes & Noble gift card - big thanks to my mother-in-law. 
Well, today I'm over at That's What I'm Talking About... sharing a complete chapter from my upcoming release, Caressed by a Crimson Moon (Rulers of Darkness #3).

If you would like to read the chapter, head over to That's What I'm Talking About...

Here is a peak:

Eva groaned when the clock on the mantle elegantly chimed three. She slid from the bed and began to pace the room again. She could not stop thinking about her encounter with the king. He was a powerful, mysterious, and all together lethal vampire, terrifying and undeniably sexy. She was struggling to find a logical explanation to her reaction but came up with nothing. With a sigh, she acknowledged that her confinement was not helping her bewildering thoughts and restlessness.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Review of Home for the Holiday

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Home for the Holiday
by Johanna Lindsey
3.5 Stars of  5

Left to handle the rumors of her family's bankruptcy and impending eviction, Larissa Ascot's wishes for a merry Christmas seem to be in peril for the first time in her sheltered life. A charming would-be "benefactor," Vincent Everett, the Baron of Windsmoor, has offered to shelter Larissa and her young brother. But more than Yuletide spirit seems to have inspired the baron's generosity. From the moment he first set eyes on Larissa, the highborn rogue was bewitched. And now that she has taken up residence in his home, he aches with wanting her --- a most unfortunate state of affairs, since the proud beauty obviously despises him ... and since Vincent has sworn to seek a righteous vengeance on the Ascot family.
But Christmas is a time of miracles, after all. And even two rival souls can be touched by the spirit of forgiveness in these magical days --- and showered with precious gifts of tenderness, love, and ecstasy unbound.

(From Goodreads) 


This is a lovely read for the holiday season. Grab a cup of coffee and snuggle up with this historical romance.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Review of 'Twas the Night After Christmas (Hellions of Halstead Hall, #6)

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'Twas the Night After Christmas 
(Hellions of Halstead Hall, #6)
by Sabrina Jeffries
4.5 Stars of 5

A heartwarming Christmas romance from a beloved New York Times bestselling author!

Pierce Waverly, the Earl of Devonmont, has been estranged from his mother for most of his life. When his mother’s new companion, Mrs. Camilla Stuart, writes to tell him that his mother is seriously ill, he goes home. But when he learns that the lovely widow tricked him in order to effect a holiday reconciliation, he refuses to stay—unless she meets his “terms.” Somewhere between trying to seduce the beautiful Camilla and struggling with the cruel memories of his childhood Christmases, Pierce discovers that not only does forgiveness go two ways, but that love can blossom even in the coldest of winters.

(From Goodreads)


I have read every book within the Hellions of Halstead Hall series and this one did not disappoint. 'Twas the Night After Christmas such a sweet, holiday read. 
The leading man, Pierce Waverly, the Earl of Devonmont, is a tortured soul, which is my favorite kind of hero.

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