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Review of Lover be Mine

Lover be Mine
Lover Be Mine (Legendary Lovers, #2)
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by Nicole Jordan
3.5 of 5 Stars

When Lord Jack Wilde's cousin tries to match him with Lady Sophie Fortin, he isn't too thrilled by the prospect since Sophie's family has long feuded with the Wildes. Nevertheless he attends a masquerade ball in disguise and when he meets Sophie, he's drawn to her. The attraction is mutual-until she learns who he is. Angry that Jack has tricked her into lowering her guard under false pretenses, Sophie declares she doesn't ever want to see him again. But then Jack shows up in unexpected places, driving her crazy with his seductive advances. She doesn't want her parents finding out that she even knows him, let alone succumbed to his passionate kisses. If her father discovers Jack courting her, blood could be shed. Yet, Sophie still wants him and realizes that in order for the star-crossed lovers to be together, they must try to somehow settle the bitter feud between their families once and for all.(Goodreads)

Lord Jack Wilde has absolutely no interest in marriage, but he just has to see the woman his sister and his cousin insist is perfect for him. Once he sets his eyes on Sophie Fortin he is captivated, spellbound by her beauty.
Sophie Fortin is as honorable as they come. She is dutifully doing exactly what her parents expect of her - marrying a man with a title who can elevate their rank. Jack has money but no title, unless he claims estranged fathers throne. That's right, he is an illegitimate son of a Prince. This book is a journey not only for the characters as they discover who they are and what they really want (which is each other) but for the reader. Nicole Jordan's take on Romeo and Juliet was sweet and new.
The romance as well as the relationship grows slowly over time between the couple, which is something I enjoy. I have never read Nicole Jordan before and I found her writing style to be smooth and the story flowed well. However, I felt that the hero and the heroine spent too much time in their own minds and did not converse as much as I would have liked - they spent too much time thinking but came to conclusions slowly. For a man that is against marriage, Jack is bent on proving to Sophie and her family that he can be worthy of her hand. He even goes so far as to travel from London to Paris then on to his father's county to claim his estranges father's throne so that he may have a title to present to Sophie's father, but all through his travels he has no intention of actually posing marriage.
The ending was sweet, but the epilogue did not fit well. It would have been better off as a finally chapter.
Overall, I liked the book and I look forward to the next. The Wilde family is quite large and I'm interested to see which of the Wilde members will lead the next book and which legendary romance they will portray.

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