Saturday, November 23, 2013

A Bewitching Christmas - Holiday Release

Happy Saturday!
Here is a sneak peek at A Bewitching Christmas.

He crossed the small, sparsely furnished living area to the hearth to build a fire. Heat quickly chased away the chill of the rustic cabin. Two arm chairs rest by a heavily draped window, an old couch claimed the center of the room along with a weathered wood coffee table. To the left was a nearly nonexistent kitchenette, which oddly enough featured brand new appliances, but no table or chairs. To the right was a lone door. The bedroom?
Ana's heart rate fluttered in anticipation.
"Something to drink?" he asked.
He went to refrigerator and removed a bottle of water. "You know, you can sit," he said, handing her the water.
Ana gave a nervous laugh. She was as straight and stiff as a tombstone, standing just inside the door.
She brushed her hair over her shoulder and mentally shook herself. Relax!
"This isn't-I mean, I've never...It's just that-"
Cole lowered his large from to the sofa. "Ana, if you aren't into this that's cool. I'm not one of those ass holes that gets their feelings hurt when a woman turns me down. Even beautiful women like you. If you want to go or just spend the rest of the night watching movies, just say so."
She blinked, floored by his confidence and careless attitude. It was refreshing to hear a man say that simply spending time with her was enough.
"Let me get this straight. You picked me up at a bar, brought me home, and are expecting nothing from me?"
Cole shrugged, his massive shoulders rolling beneath the fitted black t-shirt.
Ana came to the sofa and sat. 
"Well, vampire, I'm a sure thing. I need this tonight. I need you. Don't ask me to explain why, because I honestly don't know."
Cole reached out and traced his fingers down her arm, causing a shiver of excitement to race down her spine.
"I feel the same," he admitted. He hadn't the slightest I idea why he was so drawn to the little witch. She was lovely. Her green eyes were mesmerizing, her pink lips soft, her smile warm and inviting. Her tumbled down her back and shimmered like gold in the firelight. He studied her a moment, reading her response to him. her heart rate was elevated, her pupils dilated, and he could scent her arousal. She nervously wet her lips and he barely resisted the urge to take her mouth with his. ~

Cover to be revealed and release to be announced.

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