Thursday, January 9, 2014

Twitter Thursday!

Welcome to Twitter Thursday!
I hope the week is treating you well.
Today's 1 liner is from my upcoming release, Caressed by Shadows (Rulers of Darkness #4).
Swing by and check it out!
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 ~ "Yeah, this whip is cheap and I wouldn't want to dull my blade by slicing through bone," Sonya said with a shrug.~

Caressed by Shadows (Rulers of Darkness #4)

Black Knight, Falcon Kenwrec is powerful, relentless, and fiercely loyal, his only allegiance – to his king. But he is torn between duty and desire when the war between the vampire clans and the Red Order hunters escalates and the enemy captures the one woman he longs to claim as his own, Sonya Rebane, Queen of the Voidukas Clan. Falcon will risk everything to save her, even if it means forsaking his king.

After weeks of imprisonment, Sonya is stunned when the chivalrous knight that she has secretly loved from afar appears outside her cell. As they fight and struggle to elude their enemies, they must battle their overwhelming attraction for each other and their love that is forbidden. 

As every perilous moment draws them closer together, every smoldering kiss drives them to the brink of a passionate destruction. Will they be able to resist temptation? Or will their love be their ruin?

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