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Review of Vampire Mine

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Vampire Mine (Love at Stake, #10)
by Kerrelyn Sparks
4.5 of 5 Stars


Nothing on earth can make this vampire fall in love . . .
After 499 years of existence, Connor Buchanan has arrived at an inescapable conclusion: he is a cold-hearted SOB. He's been watching his friends, those poor romantic fools,plummet off the cliff into love like a dazed herd of sheep. But not Connor. He knows that love leads to nothing but heartache.
Until Marielle . . .
She is an angel cast down from heaven for disobedience. Trapped in mortal form, she finds a protector in Connor, a Scottish vampire haunted by a dark past. Marielle hopes to heal his broken heart and earn her way back home, but suddenly she has these . . . feelings. This strange yet pleasant physical yearning for a vampire! Is this the work of a demon luring her into hell, or has this angel found heavenly bliss? 


Scottish vampire, Connor Buchana, is not interested in love. he doesn't understand how his friends could possibly let such a sappy emotion take over their lives. He understands that it might be a callus attitude, but...whatever. He is hard, gruff, and is sexy as hell - I love the idea of a hot vampire wearing a kilt. (sigh)

Marielle, an angel stripped of her wings. She is sweet and innocent. Her goal? To get back into Heave.
The two meet in the forest. Connor was out hunting "the bad guys" and over hears a struggle. He finds a Marielle severely injured. Que their instant attraction - he is a savior and she is the beautiful damsel in distress.
I LOVED Connor - like I said, sexy vampire in a kilt - He was a true alpha male, rough around the edges but a softy at heart. As for Marielle, I loved the idea behind her character and her personality was sweet but too sweet. She seemed too nice, as in unrealistically nice...if  that makes sense. I understand, she was an angel and perhaps her gentle demeanor would have been more believable if she had more depth. I just didn't connect with her. I did like the characters together, they were a great match. Her sweetness countered his hardness.
This was the first book within the series I read. Even though it gave some back story of previous characters, there were times it was difficult understanding what was going on. I'll need to go back and read the other Love at Stake books. I really enjoyed the book and the world building. It was different than anything I've read before and I will definitely check out the other books within this series.

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