Saturday, September 20, 2014

Pictures: Indie Romance Convention 2014

Hi everyone!

I'm glad to be home in beautiful (hot and currently humid) SoCal! I really enjoyed the convention. My friend and I had a great time exploring Nashville - we even took a tour of a whiskey distillery :)

As always, I'm looking forward to next year's convention, which will be held

Below are a few pictures of the dinner party and our explorations. My best friend (aka partner in crime)  I had a wonderful time. The workshops were entertaining and informative. I loved the 1920's themed dinner. It's a blast dressing up!

Looking forward to next year.

The book Signing!

Exploring Nashville and the Corsair Whiskey Distillery
Tour and wiskey tasting at the distillery. I came home with two bottles - husband loved them!
Great place!

German band at a farmer market in down town. Great to listen to as we walked around.

The Marathon building (which was a factory for the car company at one time) now hosts a variety of businesses. The Corsair Whiskey Distillery and Garage Coffee are just 2 - I'm in love with both! If you are coffee junky, like me, you need to check out Garage Coffee. You purchase their products online. I had the "slingshot latte" - AMAZING!

Bought this bottle and the glass for my husband.

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