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That's What I'm talking About Review of Caressed by Shadows

That's What I'm Talking About has reviewed Caressed by Shadows (Rulers of Darkness, #4)

Reviewed by VampBard:
The Rulers of Darkness series is one of my favorites. I stay up late reading them All. The. Time. And I must admit I have eagerly awaited Falcon and Sonya’s story. Theirs is a story of love that cannot be. They’ve longed for one another for centuries.
Falcon to Sonya at the beginning, when Sonya says they can have one night – no one will know: “No. I refuse because one night wouldn’t be enough.” The huge problem is that Falcon would be beheaded and Sonya would be cast out. Not cool in the slightest.
Falcon is the guy that does everything by the book. What I love the most about him is that he is willing to deny his feelings for Sonya because of his pledge to Hadrian. Throughout the first 60% of this title, Falcon was all deny, deny, deny. Then, something happened that caused him to change his tune. The thought of losing Sonya – again – was more than he could really handle.
Sonya is the strong, sassy woman that could work so well with Falcon. If he’d chill out long enough to let things happen. And, Sonya happens to be the Queen of her people. There’s no way she’d step down to be with Falcon. Ultimately, she is a slave to her emotions. And when her emotions win, it’s a beautiful thing.
Here’s the thing about Falcon and Sonya together: they’re natural. They fit. I feel a connection to them, a kinship. The bumps – whether mountains or mole hills – are surmountable for them. I really found myself rolling my eyes a little, waiting for them to hook up. But once they did, I knew they’d stick. Through thick or thin.
It’s really hard to write about Caressed by Shadows because I don’t want to spill the beans about the really cool conflicts Ms. Greene wove for her readers. I think they’re best experienced fresh and unspoiled. I still adore this series, and I can’t wait for the next installment.
My Rating: B, Liked It

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