Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Review of Mine to Take

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Mine to Take (Matrix of Destiny #3)
by Dara Joy
4 of 5 Stars

In a galaxy far, far away, beautiful Jenise will do anything to escape marriage to her late stepfather's evil brother, Karpon. When she discovers that Karpon has captured a powerful shapechanger, Gian Ren, she decides to make him an offer he can't refuse. Gian Ren has been drugged, stripped, and chained to a wall. Despite his circumstances, Jenise is wary, for even chained the shapechanger is formidable. Surprisingly, he accepts her unusual request that he deflower her in exchange for her aid in escaping. Gian passionately accomplishes his part of the bargain and within moments, the two set off on a perilous journey, fleeing from Karpon and his soldiers. 

Again, I must confess I started this series with the third book. I really don't know what is with me. I seem to always pick up the third book first.  I also must add that this was one of the very first romance novels I ever read, which is why I decided to reread the series.
Gian Ren is H-O-T! Yup, that pretty much sums him up. He is a king amongst the familiars, beings that can take the form of a cat and who are extremely sensual. He has been captured, drugged, and is hanging by chains in a nasty dungeon. 

Jenise learns that a powerful man from another realm is being held prisoner. She is desperate to escape her step-uncle, who plans on marrying her and, by taking her virginity, becoming king. So, she sneaks down to the dungeon and her jaw hits the floor when she spies Gian Ren. She puts her plan into action. She needs to rid herself of her virginity to stop Karpon from taking the throne. However, Gian Ren recognizes her as his one and only mate and he refuses to leave her behind while he escapes.
Their perilous adventure of escaping from her world and avoiding the soldiers that her uncle sends after them. 
This book has a strong tone of sci-fi and much for futuristic that the past books within the series, however, it isn't over powering and the romance is solid.I highly recommend readers give this series a try.

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