Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Sexy Snippets

Tuesdays just got sexier!
(intended for readers 18+)

Share a sexy excerpt from your current read. 

May 12th
~ Fraya wriggled up the table and moved to sit up, but Ethan pressed her to her back.
“Trying to escape again?” he asked, with a sinful smile.

She shook her head. “I’m not going anywhere.” Flames danced in his eyes as he watched her lick her lips. “I just wanted to get a good look at you.”
He growled and pulled her down until her bottom hung off the edge of table. He knelt down and hooked her knees over his shoulders.
“Later. I’m busy.”
Fraya’s back arched and she sighed his name as he ran his tongue up her core. Tension rapidly built within her. Mindlessly, she rocked against him, following his rhythm as he alternated between teasing her clitoris and thrusting in his tongue into her center.~

Surrender to the Chase (Under Realm Assassins #2)

A year after the tragic death of his close friend and fellow assassin, Ethan Halstead is ready to take up his sniper rifle once more. But his first assignment is nothing he ever expected. Ethan must hunt and retrieve a beautiful, spirited, alluring werewolf.

Knowing no other way to escape an arranged marriage, Fraya flees from her pack. As she contemplates slipping across the border and heading to South America, she is captured by a dangerously seductive vampire who plans on escorting her back to her family. Even as Fraya vows to make Ethan’s mission as difficult as possible, she can’t resist the riotous desire he sparks within her.

But Ethan isn’t the only predator that peruses Fraya. A powerful rival pack’s alpha wants to make her his mate. Will Ethan be able to keep Fraya safe and return her to her pack? Or will he surrender to temptation and claim Fraya as his own?


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