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Review of The Highlander's Desire

The Highlander's Desire (Highland Brothers #2)
by Margo Maguire
2.75 of 5 Stars
(Personal Purchase)

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Lachann MacMillan's watched his older brother, the laird of his clan, find a passionate marriage, but he suffers no illusions that his path will be the same--especially as the woman he loved was stolen from him years ago. He's ready to leave his homeland and make his mark. He'll even enter into a passionless marriage to the daughter of the Laird of Kilogorra if it means a chance at his own land…and leaving behind his painful memories. A simple enough plan until he meets Anna MacIver, a mere serving maid with the face of an angel who ignites a fire in him that is anything but angelic.

Anna has been a lowly servant in her uncle, the Laird of Kilogorra's home, since her mother died years ago. She has no envy for her cousin's matrimonial fate as observation of has taught her that freedom--no matter the serving chains--is far more precious that being under the command of a husband. But when Lachlann arrives to marry Anna's cousin, she finds herself longing for something she never knew she wanted. Together the maid and the highlander may find that some things are worth having, no matter the cost.

I've been on a huge Highlander historical romance kick lately. I absolutely love the Highland Guard series by Monica McCarty and, despite my insane schedule/life, I've managed to read at least one of her books a week. When I purchase Ms. McCarty's books Margo Maguire pops up as a recommended purchase. I've read Ms. Maguire in the past and decided to give her another try.
Lachlann McMillan has been shielding a broken heart for years, after his first love married his rival. Now, he views marriage as a means to an end. In the interest of protecting his Clan and gaining a Lairdship, he has agreed to marry a woman he soon realizes he detests. 
Anna is a kindhearted woman despite her hard life. She defends her friends to the end and gains Lachlann's interest from the start. Sadly, he hasn't come her home to marry her. He's come her marry her evil stepsister. Yep, this book has a little Cinderella story line with a highlander twist. However, Lachlann's plans of a quick and lucrative marriage go awry when he realizes his rival is there trying to steal yet another of his brides. (Unfortunately, Lachlann's first love passed.) Drama and danger ensues. Anna and Lachlann must learn that love is not a weakness, but a strength. 
I liked the sexual tension between the main characters and, as mentioned above, the Cinderella aspect. I'm a sucker for fairy tales. But I had a hard time really getting into the characters. They were a bit flat. There was also a lot of repetitive dialogue and inner thought. And, something that was odd and a bit irritating was that Lachlann seemed to always be around. He magically appears by her side - WTF. Not to mention poor Lachlann spent a lot of time rescuing Anna. 
The Highlander's Desire is an easy read, I finished it in a few hours and what kept me turning the page was the sweet romance and tension between the main characters.

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