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Review of A Taste of Sin (Sin Trilogy #1)

A Taste of Sin (Sin Trilogy#1) by Connie Mason

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Lady Christy Macdonald had been ordered to marry St. John Thornton when she was a mere child. But her wedding day was the last time the spirited Scottish beauty had set eyes on her English bridegroom, who has become the notorious rake they call “Lord Sin”. Now she is a woman, and under pressure to end her sham marriage in order to wed the Cameron chieftain, Yet fiery, independent Christy wants a new groom even less that she wanted the first. So she hatches a plan to secure an heir and deter a suitor by seducing the infamous “Sin”.
Come hell or high water, Lady Christy would have her long-awaited wedding night at last. But first she had to seduce the dashing rogue who has claimed her as bride--in name only! (Goodread)


A Taste of Sin is the first book within the Sin Trilogy.
Lady Christy Macdonald, heiress of the Macdonald Clan, and Lord St.John Thorton are married at very young age – a decision made by the king. Christy is a wild seven year old and St.John, who goes by Sinjun/Lord Sin, was fourteen.
Years pass without the two setting eyes on one another, which works perfectly. Lady Christy isn’t interested in a meddling husband and Lord Sin enjoys being married in name only – he can take as many lovers as he like without the risk of any permanent attachment or demands.  So, yep, all is good until Christy’s Clan grows restless with the taxes imposed on them by their absent lord and want her to annual the divorce on the grounds that is was never consummated. Christy hatches a plan to seduce her husband legitimize their marriage and, if Fate allows, provide her with an heir all while keeping her true identity a secret.
Lord Sin lives up to his name and doesn’t think twice about taking Christy for his mistress. They agree to be together for three months and then she will return home to her ailing husband. Well, neither expected to fall in love.
A Taste of Sin is a traditional historical romance written in an original bodice ripper style. There are definitely times when Lord Sin is just an ass and times when Christy is plain stupid, but the book is very entertaining. The character development is there and the plot twists are nice.  I would recommend this book to historical romance lovers.  Connie Mason is a wonderful author.

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