Friday, June 9, 2017


A little snippet from Caressed by Shadows (Rulers of Darkness #4), when Gabriel and Jordan meet. 

~A small woman came from the left side of the stage and the crowd roared.
Gabriel’s gaze locked on her. Through the darkness, he could see her clearly. The blue hue made her long burgundy hair appear black. Her violet eyes glowed, ethereal. Red lips turned up in a smile as she sweetly waved to familiar faces in the crowd.
She began to move along with the music as she danced her way to the mic stand. Her dark jeans hugged her curves and rested low on her hips. She ran her hands over her body, drawing his eyes to her scooped neckline of her black tank top. Her breasts were lush for her petite, trim frame. The movement raised the hem of her shirt, revealing a flat  stomach and a crystal belly button ring.
The band’s tempo kicked up when she grabbed the mic and then…Gabriel stopped breathing. Her voice…was even better than an angel’s. The rhythm and the sound of her words swept over him, through him. Calming him. Beckoning him. Sweetly and seductively chaining him. The audience faded away. His senses solely focused on Ms. Culver.
The little human held him enthralled. She twirled and danced about the stage, singing with every bit of her heart and soul. Notes high and low, she hit them all effortlessly, the range of her voice was staggering as she switched from song to song, husky one moment and bold the next.
His body responded to her, hardening, his temperature rising. His demon roared within him, crazed. It wanted to possess her. Take her hard and fast, gentle and slow. His fangs sharpened. He craved to hear her moans and sighs of pleasure, knowing they would be even more hypnotic than her song.
Fuck, she was tantalizing and she triggered the perfect combination of ravenous lust and profound ease within him.
Finally, the music ended and she took a bow. The crowd cheered and another smile curled her full lips. She walked off the stage and the curtain fell as the staff hurried to ready the set for the next act.
Gannon whistled as Gabriel sat, too stunned to even clap.~

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