Friday, July 28, 2017

Caressed by the Edge of Darkness

 Caressed by the Edge of Darkness 
Rulers of Darkness #5
~He growled, “Chose your words wisely, mortal.”
Jordan shivered as the temperature instantly dropped ten degrees. Had he done that? It didn’t matter, she had to press, “A warrior as hardened as you would’ve killed his enemies.”
“Is that so?” Gabriel’s eyes narrowed, demonic black bled into the light green. Consuming. “You doubt my purpose and you doubt my word.”
Damn straight, she thought but he hadn’t asked a question.
“If it is bloodshed you seek, my sweet, ask and you shall receive.” Without taking his demonic dark eyes from her, he pressed a button on the key board. “Gannon, will you kindly escort one of our guests to the study? I don’t care which.” He didn’t wait for a response, instead he slid open a desk draw and removed a set of damaged gloves. “Allow me to demonstrate how ruthless I truly am.”
Jordan flinched. Oh, god, what had she done? What was he going to do? “Gabriel, I—”
“Are getting exactly what you wanted,” he coldly finished, fitting the leather over his fingers.
No, this wasn’t what she wanted. She hadn’t meant to shove him over the edge. She’d only wanted an explanation. She only wanted to make sense out of this nightmarish situation.
She jumped at the sound of a fist pounding on the door. Gabriel didn’t say a word when the threshold flung open. A tall, tanned man with midnight black hair and hard hazel eyes entered the room. He didn’t look her way, nor did the two soldiers that hauled a struggling vampire with them.~


Hardened by centuries of torture, former blood slave, Gabriel Erhard, is driven by an insatiable need to destroy his enemies. Violence darkens his battered soul, leaving no place for mercy in his world. Gabriel’s only desire is vengeance—until he finds her.
Seized by vampires, bound as a slave, and placed on the auction block, Jordan Culver is instantly entranced by the dangerous male who claims her. Jordan’s new captor vows to set her free, but his haunted gaze burns with savage desire and his wicked kiss makes her crave his touch and...complete surrender.
While Gabriel battles his enemies, he will break every sacred law to achieve his ultimate goal—uniting the Outcast Society and creating a new vampire Clan. But the distracting human with mesmerizing violet eyes jeopardizes his plans. With every soft whisper she evokes his tormented memories, testing his sanity and challenging his every boundary. Can Jordan help him overcome the miseries of his past and find a future with her?

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