Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Cover Reveal: Fade to Night

 Fade to Night (Under Realm Assassins #4)

Blood is sacred...

When a nest of fledgling vampires arise in New Orleans and begin murdering indiscriminately, leaving their victim’s bodies strewn across the streets it doesn’t take long for the Under Realm Syndicate to respond. Order and peace is priority among the Other Society and mortals must be protected.

Ancient, powerful, and ruthless Cassian D’Amore exists in shadow. An Elite Assassin, he stalks his prey with strict focus and kills with cold precision. Never has he strayed from an assignment or allowed distractions to alter his course, but his sudden raw need to possess the brave, maddeningly tempting human─who finds herself in the wrong place at precisely the wrong time─threatens his millennia old control.

Whispers circle of a menacing presence that has come to New Orleans, but logical and practical Raelyn Bourchard doesn’t believe the rumors until she meets soulless as stone, dangerously mesmerizing, and brutally erotic Cassian. There is something strikingly different about him. He is dark, daring, and mysterious and Raelyn craves his kiss, his touch, and his secrets. Will succumbing to his predatory desires make her another unfortunate causality in the battle that wages within his strange world of supernatural beings, or will her surrender save him from a desolate eternity?

Release Date: TBA ~ 12/2018

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