Friday, July 13, 2012

18 & Over Book Blogger Follow #13

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Question of the week: When going on vacay; do you pack your print books, ereader or both? 

Well, up until recently, I would only pack print books since I didn't have an e-reader. Now, I love to take my Nook with me where ever I go, but I still bring along print books. As much as I enjoy my e-reader, sometimes I am cautious about taking it to places such as by the pool. I would hate to be floating, getting my tan on, sipping a cocktail and drop it in the water! So, to answer the question, I take both. Besides, you can NEVER have too many books :-)
I also like to take a note book with me, I enjoy writing by hand and the ideas flow better with a pen and paper compared to me staring at a computer scene going "um...hmm..."
So, if my shoes weren't already enjoy to weigh my bag down, add some books and a note book or two and I am set!


  1. Oh I love my Nook. Hubby was kind enough to gift me one the month they came out. lol So mine is old school but really I can't complain. I love my ereader, but sometimes you just need a real book in your hands as well.

    New Follower :o)
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  2. I usually only takes my iphone. I have the option to read kindle, nook, ibookstore and overdrive. Don't need anything else.
    I only read prints if the book I'm interest in is only in print format.

  3. New GFC Follower.

    I only bring my eReader, I tend to not have room for books too. Although, it am pretty cautious about bringing it to the beach or pool. Then a magazine is fun. =)

    -Amanda P
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