Friday, July 20, 2012

18 & Over Blogger Follow # 14

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Question of the week: Do you have a 'feel good' read or author that you go to whenever you're sick or feeling down?

As a  matter of fact, I do! Johanna Lindsey. I've been reading her books since I was about 13. Her characters are wonderful and I love her plots. She has published near to 58 books (with more to come) and there isn't 1 that I have come across I flat out don't like. She has all sorts of period pieces, Viking, Medieval, Western, and Regency. Her books always put me in a good mood and I can sit and read them for hours. They are my escape. 
Do any of you have an author or book that can sweep  you away and make you feel better when you aren't well?

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  1. I read historical romance - regency to be more specific - when I'm feeling down.
    But if I have to pick an author I'll go with Katie MacAlister. All her books have a bit of humor and are quirky and whimsical. Her books make me laugh and the drama does not make me want to throw the book across the room.

    1. I know what you mean about the drama. I like books that aren't too heavy on drama. If I wanted to deal with drama I wouldn't need an escape from life lol
      Thanks for your comment :)

  2. I have heard of her. But never read any of her books. Great choice.

    Have a great weekend.
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  3. I adore Johanna Lindsey! She is my go to historical author along with Julie Garwood. I love her Wyoming series! Colt Thunder was one my my first book crushes! hehe

    -Amanda P
    Paranormal Romance

  4. I love Johanna Lindsey and Julie Garwood, The Secret will always make me laugh and cry :) I am definitely a mood reader. Sometimes when I am feeling dark and need a cry I will choose a favorite from Andrew Vachss's Burke series Blue Belle, sometimes when I am feeling a need to a bit of a different para thrill will go to Laurell K. Hamilton's Narcissis in Chains, and sometimes just wanting a sweet read JL's Night in Shining Armor or JG's The Secret. All are always available at my finger tips just in case I am in a mood LOL all of these certainly cater to my BMS (book mood syndrome) ;)


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