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Review of Be Still My Heart (Vampire Assassin League #2)

Be Still My Heart (Vampire Assassin League #2)
by Jackie Ivie
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Vampire Sasha Stroyanovich is pure killing machine. Long-legged, lean, smoky-eyed, and sexy. Torture's her specialty. Revenge her signature. Every man is her enemy… until she tries to take the man fated as her mate.
Dr. Stuart Emerson Findlay is tall, dark, handsome, rich… and a complete failure with women. He loves argument, hates commitment and refuses his ADHD meds; anal retentive doesn't begin to describe him. Maybe that's why women walk away. Maybe.
When the perfect woman walks into his office, Stuart's a willing participant. It's his dream and he's having the time of his life. Until it becomes real…
(From Goodreads)


After reading the first book I was intrigued and had to find out what this series was all about. I was not disappointed. I enjoyed Be Still My Heart more than Knight After Night (the first book).
The main characters: Sasha Stroyanovich and Dr. Stuart Emerson Findlay. They were delightful! 

Sasha is an assassin, hired to take out a high profile mark, but her plans are ruined when another hit-man arrives and kills her mark. After catching the competition she goes in search of the man who hired him and find more than she bargained for.
Dr. Findlay was a nervous wreck, self medicating with some Scotch when a beautiful woman appears in his office. Knowing she is too good to be true, he embraces the dream, complete with a vampire female, a private jet, a luxury suit in Monte Carlo, etc. But his dream quickly fades into reality when he is captured and Sasha must save him from death.
My favorite thing about this book, the woman is the vampire and she is going after her mate, even though her man believes she is nothing but a delusion brought on by a mental break down.
However, there was something troubling with the plot, the same issue I had with the first book, there isn't much information given on the Vampire Assassin League itself. So, the vampires are assassins...who do they work for? How do they get their marks? What does the linage that was discussed in the first book have to do with the second? What happened to the hunters in the first book and why were they not mentioned in the second?  With the questions aside, these books have been fast paced, fun, and funny.
I purchased the first 4 books of this series in a package deal ($2.99 on Nook) and I'm eager to read the next. Hopefully some of the questions I have will be answered. 


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