Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Teaser Tuesday

 Teaser Tuesdays is a bookish meme hosted by Should Be Reading.

Here is a teaser from Caressed by Shadows (Rulers of Darkness #4). Release date to be announced. The cover reveal will be August 2nd - this coming Friday! Yay :)

~ Falcon liberated the guns, before removing the hustler. He double-checked the safety, before setting them on the counter. Next, he began emptying his pockets, methodically laying them out, displaying the various weapons in a neat line. His collection consisted of daggers, throwing stars, and tiny explosives about the size of a pin cap, but she knew they could easily level the building if not a city block. He pulled out the tool kit he used to pick the lock of her cell.
Sonya bit her lip as he peeled the damp shirt over her his head, revealing tight, golden muscle. A fresh wave of heat rushed through her, electrifying every nerve. Her hands circled into fists as she willed herself to remain still. She watched with ravenous eyes as he balled the material and tossed it toward a laundry basket resting before a closet. Was there a washer in there? She decided she did not car. With a shiver she silently prayed his pants would be the next thing to hit the floor.~


  1. Looks Yummy Amanda!! Can't wait to read it!!

    1. I can't wait to share this one. Readers have been rooting for Falcon since book 1.


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