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Review of Surrender My Love

Surrender My Love (Haardrad Viking Family, #3)
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by Johanna Lindsey 
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A Lady's Scorn
Wrongly branded a spy, the dark and handsome Viking lord Selif Haardrad suffered greatly in the dungeons of Lady Erika of Gronwood. And as he hung in chains, his magnificent body wracked with pain and fever, one thought sustained him: revenge!
A Viking's Vengeance
Now Destiny's great wheel has turned -and Selig's exquisite  honey-haired tormentor has been delivered into the Norseman's hands. Now it is Selig who is the master, bound and determined to break the proud spirit of his captive "ice queen" and to conquer her with passion's sword -- never dreaming that his own heart will be vanquished by sensuous desire...and victorious love.
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This book really takes me back. Surrender My Love is the first romance novel I ever read.Previously, I had read YA paranormal, but one summer I was super board, home alone, and came upon this book. I've always loved history, especially the Viking period, and decided to give this a try. My affair with romance novels, historical or otherwise, has been going strong ever since.

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Surrender My Love is the third installment and is one of my favorite romances of all time.
The deliciously sexy, dark, and stacked Viking, Selig is ambushed and accused of being a spy. As he is being held prisoner, his only thought is of revenge. 
Lady Erika's life was ordered and structured until a Viking is drug into her brother's dungeon.  Now, she must decide what should be done with the hulking, arrogant man, who clearly was use to getting anything and everything he wanted from women. After questioning him, she orders him to be whipped, which is immediately regrets and tried to rescind the order, but circumstance work against her.
The story kicks off from the start but gets really...good when Selig takes Erika as a slave. Yep, typical Viking romance, but damn, I love it!
Now, I do have to say, Erika's pride was a little annoying and Selig could be seriously chauvinistic at times.  Overall, they are a lovable couple and at times this story can be heart wrenching - as just about all of Johanna Lindsey's books are.
If you love Vikings, this series is a MUST!

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