Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Teaser Tuesday

Welcome to Teaser Tuesday! 
Today, I'll be sharing with you an excerpt from my upcoming release, Caressed by Shadows (Rulers of Darkness #4). Enjoy!

Tentative release 4/19/2014
~“We’ve all felt the pangs of hunger. But bloodlust is entirely different. It is maddening and we can’t have you attacking the bell hop,” he teased.
Sonya shrugged brushing her hair over her shoulder.
“I’ve no doubt you can keep it together, but you need to feed.”
Her golden gaze flickered to his throat. Lust slammed into him like a freight train, stealing his breath and turning his world upside down.
God, she was close and they were alone. No one knew he had rescued her. There would be no risk of discovery. He could take her here. Now. The bed was just steps away.
His shaft swelled and pulse spiked with anticipation. He knew she could sense his desire just as he could hers. He could also sense her rising hunger. She wanted to take his vein and he wanted—no, he needed her to.
He groaned as fantasies of them in bed began to play in his mind. He would grip her hips as she relentlessly road him. Her breasts would press against his chest as she leaned down and sliced into his artery with her razor fangs.
Sonya’s eyes shot back up to his and again, the world stood still. Breath refused to return to his body his heart remained still as he waited for…nothing.
He felt the brutal lash of reality like a barbed whip. Turning his back to her, he raised a hand to his chest, foolishly attempting to shield his heart from the anguish of disappointed hopes and a love that could never be.
Sonya dropped her gaze to the floor. Sexual tension cracked in the air.
He closed his eyes. Her voice was soft and laced with forbidden desire. She stepped toward him. His entire body tensed. Her shoulder rubbed the side of his bicep.
“Thank you for helping me with my shoulder.” She wet her dry, pink lips. “And thank you for coming after me.”
Falcon slowly turned back to her, his silver gaze shimmered. “You needn’t thank me, Your Highness.” He reached out, brushing the back of his knuckles over her jaw.  “I’d always come for you.”
She nodded. “I know you take your vows seriously.”
“I’m sworn to guard my king and the nobles of our clan. Your disappearance fell outside my jurisdiction, but…I had to find you.  I had to bring you home."
His gaze swirled with determination, devotion, and longing. Her heart clenched as emotion overwhelmed her senses. He stroked her cheek, his powerful fingers gentle against her flesh.
“I’d give my life for you.” His voice lowered, growing rough. “I’d do anything for you. You must know that.”
She did know. He had left his king and clan to come after her.
She wanted to tell him she would do the same. She would abandon her throne to search for him. The thought of his disappearance caused her to flinch. She would be maddened with the need to find him, to see him again, to hold him, to kiss him. To tell him she loved him, that he had held her heart captive for nearly two centuries.
Resisting the impulse to turn toward his hand and his fingers, she stepped to the side and said,  “You were right. I didn’t have time to wait for eventually.”
With that, she brushed passed him and headed for the bathroom. It took all of his will not to follow her, not to rip the ridiculous pillow from her grasp, and not to pin her to wall of the shower and claim her.
He exhaled a curse. “What the hell did I get myself into chasing after this woman?”~

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