Saturday, March 7, 2015

Inspiration: Music

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I hope you are having a lovely weekend. Since things have finally begun to settle down, I can get back to writing. With that being said, I'd like to share a song that has helped me with developing a very special character, Gabriel Erhard from the Rulers of Darkness series. Seven Chakras by CES Cru is Gabriel...and a little bit of Gannon, who is Gabriel's 2nd in command. The words may grant you a better understanding of Gabriel, the once blood slave - now vampire king.

Gabriel's book, Caressed by the Edge of Darkness (Rulers of Darkness #5), is still in the works. However, I plan on doing the cover reveal in May. 

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Gabriel Erhard was a powerful, proud warrior whose clan was savagely murdered. He had been captured and made to watch as his wife was raped and the beheaded. Sold into slavery, he was purchased by a cruel vampire mistress who, after years of torment, decided to change him into a vampire against his will so that she could keep him as her play thing forever. Gabriel spent centuries under her rule, until one day Dimitri Arsov, the king of the Volkov Clan, discovered him in the dungeon. Dimitri helped Gabriel escape. Though Dimitri granted him protection and trained him as a Black Knight, the fact remained that Gabriel was an Outcast. He could never be a knight or be accepted into vampire society.
Once healed Gabriel embarked on his own. He traveled, became accustomed to the new world and went into business. He helped fellow Outcasts, protected them, offered them shelter. It wasn't long before he had a following of his own.  The Outcast vampires looked to him for guidance and many made the moved with him to America. It was in Louisiana where he and Gannon met. Gannon was a recent fledgling, left behind by his sire to find is way in the world as a vampire. Gabriel saved Gannon's life and from that night on, the two have been business partners.
Recently, the Outcast society has been spiraling out of control. Slavery, outlawed by the vampire clans in Europe, has reached it's zenith amongst the vampires in America. For countless centuries the Outcasts were left to govern themselves and the lack of leadership and unity has caused chaos. Gabriel must now break every law and tear apart the fabric of vampire society to bring about order. With the help of Gannon and the four vampire Chieftains, he will change the vampire world forever.

Look for Caressed by the Edge of Darkness this coming winter!

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