Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Sexy Snippets

Tuesdays just got sexier.
Sexy Snippets is a weekly feature hosted by Reading Between the Wines,
for the 18+ crowd.    

Today's snippet is from my upcoming release, Surrender to the Chase (Under Realm Assassins #2).

~ Fraya’s fingers slipped into his silken black hair. She told herself to twist away, but her need for him was overwhelming. Desire burned within her, firing her blood.
His tongue teased along the lacy seam of her bra. Waves of pleasure crashed over her and pooled between her thighs.
She felt his free hand slip along her spine, his strong fingers brushing over the clasp of her bra.
“May I?” he asked.
Unable to speak, she nodded.
The garment feel to the floor. Cool air caressed her heated skin as the vampire eased his hold on her and leaned back. His green gaze turned dark as his fangs slowly extended. He ran his tongue over his lips and Fraya began to tremble.  His looked like a demon, a ferocious predator studying his cornered prey. Hunger flashed in his eyes, but it wasn’t blood he was starved for. It was her.
Framing her hips with his massive hands, he spun her around. The backs of her knees hit the mattress and they toppled. His fingers traced slowly traced the lines of her body until he cupped her breasts.
“Will you show me again?”
“W-what?” Fraya struggled to piece together her scattered thoughts. This shouldn’t be happening. She should stop this insanity. She should demand he release her and hightail it to the guest room. Fraya brought her hands up to his chest and tried to give him a shove. He didn’t budge.
“Your eyes, my little wolf.” The pads of his thumbs caressed her hardened nipples. Bolts of lightning shot down to her toes. Her back arched and he closed his lips around one stiff peak. “I want to see them glow.” He kissed a fiery path to her other breasts, swirling his tongue around her nipple before claiming it with his mouth.~

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