Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Sexy Snippets

This week's sexy snippet come from Caressed by Moonlight 
(Rulers of Darkness #1)

"They now stood an embrace apart. Victoria clutched the book even tighter, her knuckles turning white. She began to chew on her bottom lip nervously and grimaced as a bead of blood welled.
     Dorian gazed at the tempting, crimson droplet that colored her luscious lips. He immediately closed the space between them and slowly slid his hand over the delicate flesh of her throat and cupped the back of her neck. He could hear her pulse jump and her breath quicken. He could smell her arousal and, when he looked into her eyes, he was lost in pools of emerald desire. She wanted him to kiss her. She needed him to kiss her.
      He slipped his arm about her waist pulling her against him. His hand resting on her hip its heat burning through the thin material of her gown. He bent his head, his eyes the darkest of blue. He kissed the corner of her mouth and swept his tongue gently over the tiny bead of blood. He had never tasted anything so sweet.
    Victoria closed her eyes savoring the pleasure of his light caress and when his lips pressed fully to hers she surrendered completely. The loud thud of the book hitting the floor met deaf ears."

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  1. Love the snippett-very sensual.
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  2. Verra nice! Thanks for participating :)


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