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Caressed by Shadows Teaser

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 Caressed by Shadows Teaser

~ Reality faded away. Sonya swayed and braced herself against the wall of the shower.

She was there. Sonya was standing in the yard that fateful night. Her father and her mother were dead. She felt the sword slice through her gut. She had expected to feel pain; instead a cold numbness consumed her. The shifters laughed as they turned away from her, leaving her to bleed to death. Using all the strength she had left, she gathered her little sister in her arms. Sveta’s small frame trembled as she took her last breath.

Justice. Revenge, her demon whispered.

The shifters deserved death for what they had done to her family.

Stricken, pale faces stared up at her. Blood dripped from her claws and fangs. The sweet metallic taste filled her mouth. Sonya looked down at her hands. Blood. It was everywhere.

In the distance, she could hear a woman screaming. Pain. Fear. Rage. Pure hate. She could hear and feel every emotion the woman was feeling. Oh, god she hoped it was not the innkeeper’s wife and children.

The bathroom door flew open, crashing against the wall. The force made the entire cottage shake. Falcon tore open the curtain. He was speaking, but she could hear nothing over the screaming.

Justice. Revenge!

She cradled Sveta in her arms. Her sweet face pale, her beautiful gaze void of life.

No. Sveta. God, no!

She was young, too young. Sonya roared. She would make those bastards pay. She would make sure they suffered, she would make sure they felt all the pain they had inflicted upon her family. She would hunt them down and kill them all.

Sonya blinked. She saw Falcon reach for her. His shirt dripped with water from the shower. She flinched away. Looking down, she brushed Sveta’s blood crusted hair away from her face. She would never let her go.

Falcon’s hands gripped her waist. She struggled against him, refusing to release Sveta. Sonya watched his lips move again, but she still heard nothing other than the screams.

Then darkness claimed her.

Falcon cradled Sonya in his arms. Sitting on the edge of the bed, he cupped the back of her head and pressed her head against his shoulder as he gently rocked her.

God, her screams had crystallized his blood. He had burst through the door convinced the hunters had found them. When he pulled back the curtain he found a heart breaking sight. Sonya sat on the floor of the tub, her knees pressed tightly against her chest, her hair soaked, tangled and falling over her shoulders. Her eyes were wide, her gaze wild and unfocused. Her fangs were bear, her claws anchored into her calves. She had refused to release her legs and fought him as he tried to pick her up. Once in his arms, her body gave out and her mind slipped into sweet oblivion.

She lay limp in his arms even now.

Before this night the word fear had not existed in his vocabulary but in that moment, he was consumed by the emotion.

Sonya was marked.

His arms tightened around her. He folded her against him, shielding her from the world, praying that he could protect her from death.

Death. He shook his head. Why hadn’t she told him about the Death Curse? Hell, how could he not have noticed? He had witnessed many great warrior kings perish and she was next.

Damn Sonya and her pride. She was skilled at hiding her pain. No. Agony was a more suitable word. The curse attacked the soul; feeding off what humanity a vampire had left. It preyed on the mind, twisting reality, causing hallucinations. It tortured its victims with overwhelming emotions such as guilt, sorrow and self-loathing while it slowly destroyed the body.

The man and demon within him roared in anguish and anger. She had been taken from him once and he could not bear to lose her again. He would find a way to break the curse. He would speak with Silvie. The Priestess was powerful, stronger than even the Shaman of her tribe. And if she could not help, he would barter what remained of his soul to save his Sonya.

Falcon pressed a kiss to her temple before laying her on the bed. Without his heat, she began to shiver. She trembled so badly her teeth began to chatter. He pulled the sheets and blankets up to her chin, but they had little impact.

He stripped free of his shirt and kicked off his shoes before joining her. She turned toward him, seeking his warmth and touch even in her sleep. He held her against his side and she relaxed, as he stroked his fingers up and down her arm.

Sonya expressed no signs of life. Her heart was quiet, her lungs still, and she was cold to the touch. Falcon could barely sense her aurora. Her energy was weak.

Falcon’s chest tightened as he felt his heart crack beneath the pressure of his warring emotions. He had never felt more terrified or enraged in his unnatural life. Nor had he ever experienced such fierce love and determination.

Instinct told him Sonya was not meant for the realm of the living. The curse was strong within her and death would be coming to collect his bounty.

Falcon drew her closer and held her tighter, wrapping his body around hers protectively.

Death would have to take him first.~ 

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