Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Review of Blood and Snow

Blood and Snow
Felicity Heaton
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A lance corporal in her territory's vampire army, Scarlet is no stranger to the violence and bloodshed of war, but in the midst of it, she discovers something that makes it all worthwhile--love.
Her kind are at war with the humans, a long running feud that has claimed countless lives, and Scarlet is all too aware that vampires are no longer guaranteed a long life after they're turned. Time seems to be of the essence, but she can't bring herself to admit her feelings to the man who had claimed them so wholly--her captain, Corazon.
Corazon has lived through two centuries of war. Tired, disenchanted, and with only his sense of duty to sustain him, he is garnering a reputation for having a heart of ice. But there is one woman at his garrison that can melt the frost within him--Scarlet. Torn between duty as her commanding officer, and his growing love for her, he fights his own personal battle while all around him fight the war.
When things take a turn for the worse, can their love for each other sustain them, and can they find a way to end the war and live in peace together at last? (from Goodreads)

I was scrolling through my Nook and saw Blood and Snow for $0.99 - snatched it up. I love reading Felicity Heaton’s books and was a bit surprised that this one was a standalone.
A war has been raging between the vampires and humans for a couple hundred years. The setting is a bit medieval, which was great, and the world building was enchanting. The description of the surroundings and the breakdown of the garrison seemed so authentic. The book has a dark feeling about it and kind of reminded me of Underworld.
Scarlet is a newly transformed vampire freshly enlisted. She has a huge crush on her superior, Captain Corazon.  Ever since he saved during her first mission, she’s been in love with him and she’s convinced he feels nothing for her. Besides, a love like theirs would be frowned upon.
Corazon (LOVED HIM) is the strong silent type. He is a skilled warrior and tries his best hide his emotions for Scarlet. They are both torn between duty and love while the war hits home. Scarlet fights valiantly and is injured a couple of times, as is Corazon. This allows them time to speak one on one and bond.  However, with encouragement from their friends and with facing death every day, they decide to embrace their love.
This was a sweet romance filled with angst – it was refreshing to not have the characters hooking up immediately. What kept me from giving this book a perfect 5 stars: I felt it moved a bit too slow, the love triangle, and the charters spent a lot of time in personal reflection. Overall, great read! I suggest anyone who loves vampire romance and Felicity Heaton to grab this book.

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