Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I Smell Sheep: Alpha Diner & Giveaway

Hadrian is on the menu of at the Alpha Diner at I Smell Sheep. His book his also being offered as a giveaway.
Hadrian (Vampire King) 
Recipe created by Amanda J. Greene 
Caressed by a Crimson Moon (Rulers of Darkness #3)

4 cups raw sexuality 
1 set of deadly fangs 
2 haunting obsidian eyes 
1 warrior’s physique 
2 soul-rending secrets 
1cup dark passion 
1 cup torturous longing 
*Caution: Passion can be lethal. 

Makes: One insatiable male

Taste Test 

Hadrian needed to feel her hands on him. He ached for her to chase away the loneliness that tore at his soul, even if for a moment.

Eva hesitantly came closer as he battled the demon for control. He did not want to frighten her, though he should. He ought to strike terror in the girl, show her what sort of beast he truly was. He was a vampire, death incarnate, but with her—

Her fingers hovered just above his heart. He shivered. Her warmth was inviting and torturous. 

Eva’s tongue slid out, wetting her upper lip before she bit the lower. Hadrian groaned. Waves of need pulsated through his shaft, swelling it, making it even harder. He wanted to take her lips, to feel their fullness beneath his, to taste her tongue.

She tentatively placed her palm flat on his chest and he flinched. She scalded him, her heat banishing the chill that resided in his very bones and surrounded his heart.

“More,” he bit out.

Eva brought up her other hand and traced the lines of his muscles with her fingertips, making him shudder. Her delicate hands moved over his chest, down his sides, and over his abdomen. She stopped before reaching his hips, drawing away.

Leaning forward, he silently encouraged her. 
He could not suppress his growl. Was it a warning or a demand that she continue?  
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