Sunday, January 29, 2012

In My Mail Box

I hope everyone had a wonderful week and a fun/safe weekend. Time to start it all again. I've recently purchased the books below and I am finishing up my reads from last week...My TBR list is out of control and my book collecting addiction isn't getting any better (shrug).
The goodies I got this week:

Historical Romance

 Paranormal Romance


  1. Oh, historical Romance! I told myself to read more this year, but I don't know what.. Is Hannah Howell good? Is she Old or New Skool? *g*

    Anyway, I don't know why people have this huge problem with large tbr piles or shelves. :'D

    Happy Reading! (.. And Writing!!)


  2. Hannah Howell has been around for awhile but still has new books coming out. I am trying to read more than last year, but I've got school, work, writing and...oh yeah, a husband and family lol It gets crazy. You should check out her books - great historicals. My fave historical author is Johanna Lindsey, who is old school but also has been putting books out recently. Thanks for the comment!


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