Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Teaser Tuesday

Teaser Tuesday - Caressed by the Edge of Darkness (Rulers of Darkness #5)

~“Give me the girl.”
Release date TBA - Goodreads
The pounding on the door intensified, the guards would be in any moment.
“All those raids on my warehouses,” Ross chuckled. “All the slaves you released.” His fingers squeezed around her throat. Jordan gasped for air. The pressure grew, her lungs began to burn. She clawed at his hand, her nails scratching, drawing blood. Still, Ross held her. “Have you been searching for her?”
The black shards swirled in Gabriel’s eyes, darkening the gentle green and bleeding to the white until his gaze was completely consumed by wrathful darkness. Demon eyes. His lips pulled from his long, razor sharp fangs.
“She’s mine, Erhard.”
The door splintered, the bodies of the incapacitated guards were swept aside, slamming into the wall. Vampires rushed in, filling the room, surrounding Gabriel.
Ross pressed his lips against her temple and whispered, “You’ll never have her.”
His grip on her throat eased as he swung her around. Glass shattered and rained down upon them, nicking her cheek, her arms, and legs. They were falling. Jordan managed to suck in enough air to scream.~


Hardened by centuries of torture, former blood slave, Gabriel Erhard, is driven by an insatiable need to destroy his enemies. Violence darkens his battered soul, leaving no place for mercy in his world. Gabriel’s only desire is vengeance—until he finds her.

Seized by vampires, bound as a slave, and placed on the auction block, Jordan Culver is instantly entranced by the dangerous male who claims her. Jordan’s new captor vows to set her free, but his haunted gaze burns with savage desire and his wicked kiss makes her crave his touch and...complete surrender.

While Gabriel battles his enemies, he will break every sacred law to achieve his ultimate goal—uniting the Outcast Society and creating a new vampire Clan. But the distracting human with mesmerizing violet eyes jeopardizes his plans. With every soft whisper she evokes his tormented memories, testing his sanity and challenging his every boundary. Can Jordan help him overcome the miseries of his past and find a future with her?

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  1. I read all four books. The story line was great in all 4. But I really need to know about Gabriel & Jordon. P.S. please watch out for the grammatical errors. The last book was a bit frustrating, but the point of the book was marvelous.


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