Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Review of Highland Captive

Nook - $2.99
Highland Captive by Hannah Howell
4.5 of 5 Stars

The windswept of Scottish Highlands hold great beauty, but also great danger. So when Aimil Mengue is abducted by a feuding clan, she is right to fear for her life - and her virtue. For Aimil's keeper is the infamous warrior Parlan MacGuin. Aimil sets out to hate him, but Parlan is more honourable - and infinitely more alluring - than expected. Though betrothed to another, Aimil cannot deny her startling desire for the man who holds her captive...Parlan MacGuin knows well his reputation as a fierce warrior, he uses it to claim land and lovers. But beautiful Aimil is a different type of conquest. Now Parlan feels an unfamiliar longing for the woman he keeps at ransom as their forbidden passion threatens to spark an unstoppable blood feud - or forever fill their hearts...
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Hannah Howell is an amazing romance author. I've enjoyed every historical romance I have read of hers. This one was no exception.
Ms. Howell knows how to write characters. Her heroes are always brave, strong, hunks. While her leading ladies are stubborn and willful women that know their minds.

Aimil Mengue and her brother are captured by a powerful, rival laird, Parlan MacGuin. She makes a deal with him so that she may keep her horse (an animal she loves very dearly). What does she have to exchange for her horse? Well, sex, naturally lol That is usually how these books go. Anyway, they end up falling in love but Aimil isn't exactly a free lady, she is engaged to a sinister man who uses torture and fear to get what he wants (and these distasteful means bring him pleasure...)
The only think that kept be from giving this a for 5 starts is that it was predictable. It might have just been me since I have read A LOT of historical romance.
If you have not read a Hannah Howell book - you NEED to! :-)
This book is available for $2.99 on Nook - great deal!

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