Saturday, March 10, 2012

Review of To Crave a Blood Moon (Moon Chasers #3)

To Crave a Blood Moon (Moon Chasers #3)

Psychic Chloe Ferguson has spent her life hiding from the emotions other people feel, until a pack of bloodthirsty lycans brutally attacks her and places her in a cell with a dangerous, starved, half-breed werewolf. Suddenly, she is overcome with terror, fury, and desire. What’s even more frightening than being on the fast track to becoming a lycan herself is her own blood-burning need for her darkly sexy cellmate. Half-breed Sebastian Santiago is more animal than human when Chloe is tossed into his cell. His enemies expect him to feed on her for survival, but the beautiful woman with the tender eyes of a wounded animal ignites a hunger in him that has nothing to do with his body’s need for food…and everything to do with his dark appetite to possess her, body and soul.
(From Barnes & Noble)

If you love werewolves, you should check out the Moon Chaser series. This is the 3rd within the series...As stated before, I have a problem with starting a series with book 1 - really should pay more attention when I purchase books.Anyway, this book captivated and held my interest and I didn't get confused, it flowed like a stand-alone book.

Chloe is a strong woman and I mean strong. She goes through so much in this book: abducted, tossed in a dirty cell with a naked man who is a starving were-wolf, death surrounds her escape and her troubles even follow her home.
Sebastian...I would love to have been locked in the cell with him. He is FINE and all out alpha. How can he not be sexy? He is starving, going mad, and the full moon is coming - all together - fantastic!
(I have since purchased the rest of these books and HAVE to recommend them to all paranormal romance lovers and werewolf fans)

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