Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Review of Beyond the Darkness (Guardians of Eternity #6)

Beyond the Darkness (Guardians of Eternity #6)
by Alexandra Ivy
4 of 5 Stars

 Salvatore Giuliani is not a happy werewolf. It's his duty as leader to track down the pureblood females who can keep his people from extinction. But the moment he catches scent of Harley, a pureblood held by a pack of mangy curs, his savage need for her obliterates all other instincts. And the only thing worse than being captured is finding that beautiful, independent Harley defiantly refuses to become his mate. Harley has been taught to distrust all Weres, especially their arrogant king. She won't be used for breeding or bonded against her will, not even to a man who makes every nerve tingle with awareness. Yet Salvatore is her key to saving the family she never knew she had - if she dares to succumb to his dark, predatory desire, and face a vicious enemy sworn to destroy them both...

My Ivy has created such an interesting world and you just can't help being sucked in. Another wonderful book. Being the 6th book in the series, it was still entertaining. I do enjoy this series and (if I can find the time) will start the next one soon. I only had 2 issues with the book.

1st The heroine was strong - maybe too strong...there were times I found Harley annoying.
2nd The dialogue between the two main characters was mainly sex joke/friendly banter. They rarely made it through a page without some joke or smart ass comment. They never really seemed to have a real conversation. It was funny and fun to begin with, but it was annoying towards the end and I found myself skipping entire paragraphs because I felt what they had to say wasn't important.
Normally I get through a book within a few days, this book took me weeks.
Overall: I enjoyed the book and I am interested in finding out what happens next in series.
(Especially since the next hero of book 7 was somewhat of a bad guy in book the reader is suppose to like him...? We'll see.) I have to say, so far Darkness Everlasting (Guardians of Eternity #3) is my favorite! Styx is oh, so yummy!

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