Monday, February 13, 2012

Review of Companions of The Night

Companions of Night
by Vivian Vande Velde
5 of 5 Stars
(If I could give it more stars, I would)

Kerry Nowicki, 16, never dreamed that vampires lived in her little town of Brockport, New York, let alone that she would become involved with a handsome one named Ethan. When she makes a late-night trip back to the laundromat to retrieve her little brother's stuffed bear, she interrupts the murderous plans of a vigilante committee that claims Ethan is one of the undead. Kerry tries to help him, so they assume that she is a vampire, too. When the two young people escape, Kerry's brother and father are kidnapped in retaliation, and a complicated game of cat-and-mouse follows. During the often harrowing experiences that follow, Kerry proves to be an intelligent, level-headed young woman. She recognizes the danger of her attraction to Ethan, but knows that she must trust him to help find her family. Ethan maintains the cunning and duplicity that readers might expect from a vampire. The plot is lively and intriguing, with an unexpected twist at the end

This book is amazing! 
I don't know why I did not post this book as my first review on my blog. 
Companions of the Night is the first vampire book I ever read. Yep, it is because of this book that I have become a romance junkie and Ethan was my very first book boyfriend - he is the reason I began my love affair with vampires. Yes, I read this when I was 12, we had in our school library. WOW! Saying that makes me feel old...Anyway...this book has it all: suspense, danger, mystery, and a sweet YA budding love.

Kerry is the average girl next door, but everything changes the night she returned to the laundromat to retrieve her younger brother's bear. Ethan is there, tied up and bloodied. Naturally, she helps him escape the men she believes are crazy for accusing the pale, handsome, boy of being a vampire. However, the drama does not end there. Kerry's father and brother are kidnapped from their home and a threatening message is left on the wall in her living room - I can't tell you what it says, though I really want to - Needless to say, she needs Ethan's help. 
What you get in this book: vampires, vampire hunters, a human girl thrown into the mix, kidnapping, boosting cars (a little crime - along with disposing of a body...yep...interesting)

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